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  • Chiffion Floral Hijab With High Quality

    chiffion floral hijab RETURN POLICY
    Your satisfaction is our priority.
    Please report to us any defect / damage / or item as not described within 48 Hours of receiving parcel otherwise we are not 

    responsible for refund in any case. 
    If you received product and you don't find it as you expected , DON'T WEAR IT/ OR USE IT , we don't accept any used product. 
    For Returns , Please use standard shipping companies and same packaging as we did, if we found it damaged or in bad condition, we will not be in a position to provide any refund.
    There may be some Import Duty or Vat on our product in few Countries. If there will be any it will borne by Customer and will have to be paid to Courier Company at the time of delivery. 
    No return will be accepted if Import Duty or Vat is not paid.
    And Buyer pay return shipping. 

    Additional chiffion floral hijab Information        
    Fabric is very old but good condition to were .
    Maintenance: We recommend dry-clean only.
    Condition: Very Good.
    And after dispatching parcel I am not responsible if your parcel missing.

    chiffion floral hijab

    chiffion floral hijab

    My products are more expensive than others. The differentiation price is quality control cost to guarantee that they are high quality because some Thai products are made from various places. And they they are imitated a lot. Some sellers copy beautiful pictures from others and sell their low quality products which are not the same quality as copied pictures. As a result some of customers are disappointed and waste time when they buy Thai products because they buy from wrong places or imitated products. And then your impression is my work. So we work a lot in quality control to ensure the product quality is premium. Not only in the quality term, but shipping is also the issue because most of sellers are shipping without tracking no. As a result when the items lost, they cannot check them for you. We know this problem. So all our items are shipped with tracking no only. You can ensure that your items can be tracked. Both of the reasons is why our items are more expensive than others.
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